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When Galaxies Collide!

Felicia Day: don't fear the Andromeda!

Some time back I wrote a post on the reporting of astronomy and how it is frequently couched in violent or aggressive tones.  The brilliant folks at IRrelevant Astronomy have fired their own salvo at this trend (see how easy it is to make astronomy violent?) with a great mockumentary on the making of an education film: “When Galaxies Collide”. You tell them, Felicia!  Also starring Buffy Henshaw and Sean Astin (as an audiobook).

Here’s the video:


Not-So-Bright BulbsNASA has just posted a press release on one of my recent results involving the very cold brown dwarf 2MASS J0939-2448. Based on observations from the Spitzer Space Telescope and ground-based astrometry, we find this source to be one of the coldest brown dwarfs known (600+/-35 K) and, because of its overluminosity, an (as-yet) unresolved double. The paper appears in today’s edition of Astrophysical Journal Letters.


NASA Press release:

Original paper in Astrophysical Journal Letters:

PDF version of result:

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