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picture-1The folks at IRrelevant Astronomy have put together a new episode of their Robot Astronomy Talk Show that features yours truly (in fact, both good and evil versions of yours truly)  It is based on our recent find of a very dim pair of brown dwarfs.   If you haven’t checked out the various CG-driven videos put together by Michelle Thaller, Doris Doau, Linda Hermans-Killam, Robert Hurt and Jim Keller for the Cool Cosmos website then please do so.  The site is chock full of great educational resources focused in infrared astronomy, including tutorials, games, images & videos, and classroom preparation resources.  And the material is all very informative, engaging, creative and frankly laugh-out-loud funny.  A model for 21st century science outreach and education.

This episode and others can also be seen on YouTube and Funny or Die.


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