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Boy or Girl...or both?

I’m currently reading “The Polynesian Family System in Ka’u, Hawai’i” by ES Craighill Handy and Mary Kawena Pukui.  Kawena (her full name is Mary Abigail Kawenaʻulaokalaniahiʻiakaikapoliopelekawahineʻaihonua Wiggin Pukui) was a very notable and respected author on Hawaiian culture, having written over 50 scholarly works including “the” Hawaiian-English dictionary and “‘Olelo No’eau“, a collection of 3000 Hawaiian proverbs.  If you have any interest in Hawaiian culture or history, pick up anything and everything written by Kawena.

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Makawao parade

Today, at the age of 34, I walked in my first parade.

Specifically, the Makawao Paniolo Parade in Makawao, Maui, a 4th of July event that’s popular enough to shut down traffic flow around Makawao and bring in both kama’ainas and visitors; keikis, aunties and titas; and of course animals and motorized vehicles of all varieties. About 50 floats, bands and other groups follow a 1/2 mile route from Veteran’s Cemetery up Baldwin Avenue, right on Makawao Avenue and ending at Eddie Tam Center. It’s all part of the 3-day Makawao Rodeo, a staple event in upcountry Maui.

How did I get in to such a presitigious parade? Easy, I crashed it with my dogs. Read the rest of this entry »

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