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CFLLast week I had the pleasure of helping out with a 5 minute TV segment on light bulb exchange and going carbon neutral. It was for a local cable-access show called Maui Daily, produced at the Akaku Maui Community TV station (a great local resource!) and our dear friend, local artist and all-around super-chick Stephanie Sachs. The idea sprung from a session of brainstorming we had about coming up with good guerilla environmental tactics – no, not vandalizing Hummers, but rather replacing all of the incandescent light bulbs in the big hotel and condo complexes around Maui with compact fluorescent (CFL) ones. It turns out that about 93% of Hawaii’s electricity comes from burning diesel oil, which isn’t the cleanest source of energy (hey, better than petroleum tar). CFLs are far more efficient than incandescents, using 25% of the electricity for the same brightness. They have also gotten super cheap ($1.50/bulb) and are available in COSTCO-esque bulk quantities. And given that electricity rates are above $.30/kWh on Maui, this might be a good way to save building owners a little cash too (guerrilla niceness tactics!). So why not?

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