meFurry and usually wet, I am not a sea otter but rather an astrophysicist and Assistant Professor in UCSD ‘s Department of Physics working on discovering and studying the lowest-mass stars and brown dwarfs.  I like to travel, surf, bounce, and come up with horrendously difficult physics problems for my students.  I am most happy at my home in Maui, with my wife Gen (who has a great 3-minute vacation blog), our doggies Mishu & Poke, nice breaks like ho’okipa,  and the various plants, birds and creepy-crawlies that share our wonderful little space.

I started blogging as a writing exercise, with a goal to cover as broad a range of topics as possible that pique my interest.  The title of my blog is also meant to emphasize the importance of questioning our facts and assumptions, as both nebulium and Neith were two astronomical discoveries that, in fact, don’t exist.  Don’t be afraid to poke at conventional wisdom!

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