Mark's presentation on creating educational podcasts

I’ve just finished watching a video presentation by Mark Pentleton of Coffee Break French and Radiolingua fame (see my prior post on Online French Language Resources), describing how he creates enhanced audio podcasts for language learning. This is an excellent roadmap for all kinds of educational podcasts (with a Mac), such as the Mechanics Minilessons I’m trying (slowly) to produce for my Physics 1A class.

A few good tips Mark gives for making an effective educational podcast:

  • Start with a lesson plan created with slides in Keynote or Powerpoint.  You can copy those slides into the podcast track in Garageband for the enhanced podcast.
  • Focus on just one or two learning points.
  • Engage the listener; for example, by giving them time to repeat or respond.
  • Speak in a lively, enjoyable voice.
  • Keep the podcast to a ~5 minute review, hitting just the main points.
  • Include a jingle at the beginning and/or end of the podcast.
  • Be sure to save and/or publish your podcast in multiple formats so it can be accessed in multiple ways.

You can watch the presentation on Mark’s personal blog or at

This was part of three workshops ran by Mark at the Apple Leadership Conference parallel with the 2010 BETT conference. (my guess is BETT stands for Better Education Through Technology?)