Mechanics Minilesson #1!

I’m trying a (yet another) new thing for teaching, putting together “minilessons” for my Physics 1a class at UCSD covering specific topics that I don’t get to in lecture, or are worth a little focused attention.  This was a somewhat intensive project as time is short (the quarter has already started!) and I’ve never made a “video enhanced podcast” before, but I think I’ve got must of the bugs worked out.  You’ll nevertheless clearly notice some audio edits.

The audio was recorded on my laptop (built-in mic) into Garage Band; the slides were made in Powerpoint and saved off as individual images, and then individually dragged into the podcast track in Garage Band.  The whole thing was saved off as a AAC encoded .m4a file that Youtube seems to be able to handle.

Have a look, let me know what you think and if you learned anything!  The lectures themselves are also being audio and video podcast from UCSD.