Women in Astronomy 2009

My graduate student Jackie Faherty and I are running a survey about perceptions of appropriate behaviors between students and advisors in astronomy, as part of our contribution to the 2009 Women in Astronomy and Space Science Meeting.  We came up with 10 scenarios that one or both of us have experienced as advisors and/or students where the appropriateness of the situation or behavior could be ambiguous depending on your gender, age or professional status.  The survey runs through the end of October, so if you are an astronomer or interested in astronomy, and have dealt with advisor/student issues, please take our survey – it only takes 10 minutes!

The survey can be accessed at http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=QuGqrPrt3cxxiwVnvGBkSQ_3d_3d

Results will be posted at http://www.browndwarfs.org/wia2009 in November.